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March 2017

I heart you yoga pants

Dear yoga pants (and leggings too), I heart you! You have seen the best of me. You have seen the worst of me. (I’m sorry) Yet you keep clinging on like you’re getting paid to do so. (LuLaRoe’s you have… Continue Reading →

Can I get an amen?! Shooooot 

I find myself to be a forgetful person from time to time.  Not the forget my baby in the back seat kinda forgetful, I luckily successfully survived my early years of parenting without that happening, thank God!!  But the kind… Continue Reading →

Another book I love, like love-love

Man’s search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl,  This book took me FOR-ever to read, but is one of the most moving and eye-opening books I have laid my eyes on.  The first half of the book is a first hand… Continue Reading →


Somewhere between lunch and dinner, everything changed. A shift with no warning, no explanation, no details.  Just inexplicably feeling a different way.  Everything I had felt, went to the back burner and I went in to preservation mode.  A variety… Continue Reading →

When I am weak

I am always amazed how often I am called upon to be strong for others, to share my light and love, when I feel challenged and so weak.  We are provided countless opportunities for healing, mine are in sharing my… Continue Reading →

Fuel your fire

Why are we so quick to feed a growling stomach, but reluctant to feed the longing in our hearts and souls?  Is mental and soulful fulfillment not as necessary as physical sustenance?  For me, it absolutely is.  Now for sure,… Continue Reading →

A case of the Monday's

Lord today, I am grateful for wine this evening!  I think there should be a rule that leaving work for a few days means you really leave it, and don’t need to make up all the piles of junk that… Continue Reading →

Use two hands…

I am truly happy for anyone who seeks out life and truth and beauty in all forms, with both hands… grabs hold even for just an instant and pushes themselves fiercely in to each and every amazing moment.  Lovely or… Continue Reading →

starving, craving

I will let you go hungry, so you know the pain it causes. To feel the pangs of starvation up to the point that your craving comes alive.  I will win the platinum award for withholding on your terms.  Let me… Continue Reading →

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