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March 21, 2017

Use two hands…

I am truly happy for anyone who seeks out life and truth and beauty in all forms, with both hands… grabs hold even for just an instant and pushes themselves fiercely in to each and every amazing moment.  Lovely or… Continue Reading →

starving, craving

I will let you go hungry, so you know the pain it causes. To feel the pangs of starvation up to the point that your craving comes alive.  I will win the platinum award for withholding on your terms.  Let me… Continue Reading →

The bird cage remains open

Please, I beg.  Do not attempt to cage me or tame me.  For what you love about me is all that is free.  If you try to, despite my pleading, you better bring all of the fire, for mine will… Continue Reading →

The saddest thing I have read, written by me.

From a lifetime ago… “This is so painful. And I didn’t want to even write but I can’t take it anymore. This journal was supposed to be my positive journey and I didn’t want to taint it but the stale… Continue Reading →

The last speech I gave for Samaritan House, and my friend Brooke.

This weekend is a celebration of life for my friend Brooke Briggs.  It is a fundraiser for her scholarship, just as she would have wanted.  If we are going to gather, why not let it be for a cause? check… Continue Reading →

Single parents day

Today is ‘national single parents day’ apparently, and I will again this year, say how amazing it is to be my sons’ mother.  He is all things great, everything I wish I could be better at being, doing, etc.  Being… Continue Reading →

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