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April 2017

This isn't about Italy.

I had the privilege of travelling to Italy with my stepmom a few years ago.  It was an out of this world, while still in it, experience.  I have so much gratitude within the memories she gave me, I could… Continue Reading →

Total freak out

So here I am minding my morning pluck pluck eyebrow routine… eye rolls… and I look up and see this long black hair under my chin! Are you freaking kidding me right now, how long has that been there? How… Continue Reading →

My two cents; public bathrooms

Public restrooms are generally disgusting.  I think establishments should take better care in this arena, and kudos if you already do…. Side bar, do any of y’all remember the kudos snack bars, man I loved those as a kid. Anywho…… Continue Reading →

3 was always my favorite number

This is 3 of 3 in this series on my little brother. So my family moved away, and my brother and I started to get closer.  What is that saying… loving from a distance, absence makes the heart grow fonder…… Continue Reading →

My two cents; The numbers 

I overheard a convo the other day regarding the number of sexual partners the other had had.  I had to walk away… first of all, why count… Unless it’s like five, and then it’s understandable… but seriously why is this a… Continue Reading →

Stats & followers, F@&% the numbers!

Stats.  Oh they can be brutal for a new blogger, if you pay attention.  At first I did, I was guilty of getting super high on the big days, but then also feeling flustered on the slow visit/comment/like days.  It… Continue Reading →

Personal finance, from the gutter. Basically.

For the longest time, I couldn’t admit that to anyone, it was such a shameful experience. Even the lawyer, who you pay to help you made me feel worthless. They sort through all of your spending, habits, bills, weaknesses and then they slap a big warning label across your credit and say
“YEP! You suck at money, here is your reprieve, we take everything, you pay nothing more, and no one will help you for years to come. You are welcome. Next!”

Just a reminder 

  Even if you don’t feel it… you are doing an amazing job!  Keep it up! Sending you all some love today! xo Sweet T


Y’all okay from the boob post?!  Still here with me?  No one fell out? Okay good wink wink! It has been raining for days, or so it seems.  The introverted side of me (yes I have that side too) loves… Continue Reading →

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