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April 7, 2017


For real, I believe you have not become a bon-a-fide parent until you are flipping your kids off as they stomp away.  Lil shits… Now it goes with out saying, they are the most amazing ever, and we can’t imagine… Continue Reading →

Peas and Carrots

I think I will have to name him Forrest… or Ginny.  I took my new friend peas and carrots this am… he let me get close enough to leave him some of the goodies with no hissing, attacking, or pooping!… Continue Reading →

Can I get some eye rolls?!

I want you to scroll down to the picture below. Take a look and then come back up here. Alright, got it?  What was your first impression?  (Besides my name being spelled wrong, with an E in it)  I want… Continue Reading →

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