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April 12, 2017

Padded bras and painted toes, as promised. 

Ladies, can we just have a moment of silence here, for all of the hours lost.  Hours spent needlessly plucking, brushing, painting, pushing up, ironing, strapping in to, sucking in, zipping up, masking, squeezing into, waxing, applying, injecting, peeling, dying…… Continue Reading →

My two cents; Playlists

If your music playlist is not completely all over the place, I feel sad for you. On any given day (or today by around 9:03am) mine goes something like this: All is well with my soul, Drew Baldridge Hypnotize, Biggie… Continue Reading →

Coffee is life!

I used to think that decaf was as pointless as non-alcoholic beer.  Or as useless as a padded bra… its like false advertisement (I will save the rest of that discussion for another post coming soon).  I mean what is… Continue Reading →

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