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April 2017

My boobs are now cage free and free range.

No they are not chickens, but we have broken the chains!  Or the wire at least.  The fact is we all have boobs, we all have nipples.  GASP, she said nipple!  Get over it.  I know when to have coverage… Continue Reading →

I think he got hit by a bus.

People often assume I am lonely, being alone.  As a parent, you are alone a lot less than one could imagine.  Even if they are older, and spend the majority of the time uninterested in their parents, they STILL manage… Continue Reading →

Forrest here and there 

So Forrest the Goose is my fav. I totally hate when I miss him.  However, he totally hates it too.  This first picture is his total asshole-ish side on a day I missed bringing him goodies.  He sat right in… Continue Reading →

Filters?! What is that?

I was not born with a filter, I think.  I mean I don’t know very many others who have as little of one as myself…. and I imagine it would be quite difficult to just shed.  Like an item of… Continue Reading →

Lil bro, part deux – on to Virginia

Let’s see, so where was I… Oh yeah! Leaving out many actual facts regarding the not so good parts of growing up, to spare the “innocent”, wait or should it be the “guilty”, whichever, I left off with our move… Continue Reading →

Why I stayed 

I am going to need y’all to go over to twitter and type in the hashtag #whyistayed. Actually, I will cliff notes a few for you, to keep your attention here. my father said he was the kind of guy… Continue Reading →

The ugh days

Y’all the past few days have been rough!  It seems to swell, that emotional upheaval, after some sort of adventure.  I suppose my need to run gets fulfilled, but the anxiety of travel and the unknown, team up with the… Continue Reading →

Okay, Shonda!

I have been a Grey’s¹ fan since it began, but when this last weeks episode started with an airplane, I said “oh hell nah”. This honestly is THE first time I ever considered not watching. Ever. If I wasn’t so… Continue Reading →

Mom! I have an idea!

There was a time, when he was nothing but sweet and innocent, from the second he was born… until about a half hour later. And then that Y chromosome turned on and he now says fascinating shit like, “mom! I… Continue Reading →

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