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May 2017

I was a fraud.

There I was with a back ground in kickboxing, teaching self defense, and then going home into a world of chaos.  I would teach women how to get away, and as I was dangling with his hands wrapped around my… Continue Reading →

#PersonifyME: Uncontrollably Me

Today I have the honor of being featured in Mindfump, discussing mental health issues. Check out all the other depictions and amazing works… and then follow them too!

This week has been a month long!

Adulting is bullshit.

Dating in real life. Say what?! (yes, more awful stories)

Wait wait wait just a minute… No really there is more.  Believe it or not! (Lower case, where caps should be is purposeful.) On Tinder after the normal “hey how’s it going” banter: Her: So what do you do? Him:… Continue Reading →

I was always me, I just stopped believing it.

“He stripped away my self-worth, layer by layer until there was nothing left of my personality.  Yet I never forgot about the girl who I used to be.  She lived inside, my caged soul, waiting for the day I would… Continue Reading →

2:30, 3, 3:30, 4 

Why am I awake?! I could list 17 things just off the top of my head…. but it’s what’s happening inside my head (and my gut) that’s the problem. Middle of the night anxiety is the worst. I wake up… Continue Reading →

Throwin it back.

Embarrassing moment alert… Y’all remember those Viper car alarm commercials from the 90’s… well this gal got to go out with the OLDER brother of a friend who had the baddest car in the neighborhood.  I was so excited thinking… Continue Reading →

let's chat

    I have to, I have to share, I have to share my story… or it would kill me.  All of it.  The more we talk about things, the less control over us those things have.  And, by sharing… Continue Reading →

Where I stood

Music is one of those magical things that is woven throughout my life.  There are songs that bring on a memory like it is present tense, and there are songs that make me dance and sing and forget my troubles,… Continue Reading →

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