Not sure why I am picking up on these random things recently, but some things I have heard, experienced or said all of the sudden just seems so creepy.



Nope.  Gone.  Heebs.


Yesterday, for example, I was listening to the radio on my mini road trip and Sting’s Every Breath You Take came on. I found myself singing along and as the words digested I went “what the shit?!” and my face went into those “needs deliverance” kinda contortions.  If a song like that came out today, it would never make it, nope, nope, nope! It is an oldie but goodie, but damn, did people actually think that song was normal back then?



Um, no actually I belong to Tom Hardy, he just doesn’t know it yet.


Then today in a conversation about body image, I started to say “I am totally comfortable in my own skin”  as I gave myself the side eye like “as opposed to someone else’s?!” or worse like I had actually experienced being skin-less for comparison’s sake?  I mean, I know they knew what I meant, but why is that saying even a thing?  Hello, Hannibal. Weird.


I have no idea what is happening, but frankly, I am concerned about things being at this high of a creepiness alert factor.  Bad things happen here.  I know myself, and this Pandora’s box for a brain, so until further notice I will be watching non-creepy cartoons, Life in Pieces (it is effing hilarious!) and hiding in my bed.  The last two are true regardless of my fear factor.  Also true, this is me in real life… those close to me can attest to the random, usually final destination in nature, absurdity.

If you read this with actual concern, I am sorry, I’m simply ridiculous most of the time.