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Returning to the beat of my heart on the AT.

  The Appalachian Trail. It has survived.  It gave me the strength to as well.  Saving me in the thick of it, encouraging me when I returned to it.  It is a constant. Reflecting back on all of the trips… Continue Reading →

The stars aligned perfectly, a love pop!

Have you ever laid under the wide open sky in complete awe at the vast beauty of how the night’s black sky is freckled with the stars? It is the perfect reminder of how even in the darkest of spaces,… Continue Reading →

Would you pose for a naked photo shoot?

I am sure most people are like, “HEEELLLLLLLLLLL no!” but, I think I might.  I mean, if the opportunity grows from the creative minds that be it could be a pretty epic shoot. Oh boy, gasp here!  Everyone just calm… Continue Reading →

He smelled like a Mediterranean ottoman!

Dear God, I just realized after that title and yesterday’s post about dating, I should clarify that no, this is not a dating in real life post… but I am sure it would be hilarious too!  Also, for clarification, I love… Continue Reading →

The sun always rises

In this life of tragedy, controversy, sickness, and trial I want to remember this gift we are given instead.  When friends and family are taken to soon, or we are in a bad place, or there is a burden of suffering greater than we can handle, I want to sit in front of this beautiful mosaic and be humbled, gratefully.

Love POP in caps!

Y’all, today was going to be a hum-drum day full of side work and cleaning.  And a great friend of mine said let’s take the boat out! Seriously the whole day was a love pop and I could not be… Continue Reading →

This isn't about Italy.

I had the privilege of travelling to Italy with my stepmom a few years ago.  It was an out of this world, while still in it, experience.  I have so much gratitude within the memories she gave me, I could… Continue Reading →

A planned goodbye

She asked me, “is your trip for business or pleasure?” I looked up from my book, and thought for a second. “Well first it will be for pleasure, but then it’s actually a goodbye.” She looked at me puzzled, and… Continue Reading →

Peas and Carrots

I think I will have to name him Forrest… or Ginny.  I took my new friend peas and carrots this am… he let me get close enough to leave him some of the goodies with no hissing, attacking, or pooping!… Continue Reading →

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