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My daily prayers (from a mama who is really real. No I am still not religious, don’t worry.)

  God, I love my child, I really, really do.  And I am going to need some extra help in the next few years, like all the rest of them, for forever, to make sure we both make it through…. Continue Reading →


Somewhere between lunch and dinner, everything changed. A shift with no warning, no explanation, no details.  Just inexplicably feeling a different way.  Everything I had felt, went to the back burner and I went in to preservation mode.  A variety… Continue Reading →

When I am weak

I am always amazed how often I am called upon to be strong for others, to share my light and love, when I feel challenged and so weak.  We are provided countless opportunities for healing, mine are in sharing my… Continue Reading →

A case of the Monday's

Lord today, I am grateful for wine this evening!  I think there should be a rule that leaving work for a few days means you really leave it, and don’t need to make up all the piles of junk that… Continue Reading →

Faith, with a capital F

This time last week I was crying, pretty much uncontrollably, but with my heart fuller than it has felt in some time.  I am talking today, about Faith, the belief in something more extraordinary than just what is tangible to… Continue Reading →

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