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Sudoku – also, nerd alert!

Have you ever played Sudoku?  It is my kind of game.  It is challenging, mentally stimulating, and has numbers. (Also, you play alone, so I do not have to wait on anyone.. or drag someone else’s time out – I… Continue Reading →

There is no key!

So the other night, after finally writing a little bit, I went upstairs and did some laundry.  Of course I got dizzy, which is so common these days I am getting used to it, more on my health later/soon.  I… Continue Reading →

I’ve been in 5 states in three weeks

08/21 – I’ve been in 5 states in the last two and a half weeks, and I’m beat!  Like, cannot get enough sleep and haven’t had to take a sleep aid in a week kinda tired!   I started this… Continue Reading →

Thanks for nothing, anxiety.

So there I was minding my happy Friyay times and wham!  No really wham… right in to the wall.  What started out as not feeling so good turned into the afternoon in the hospital and sleeping 24 hours over the… Continue Reading →

Grief will find you, even where you least expect it.

  Often after a breakup or loss, the pain is so intense it leaves you feeling so low, wondering if you can even go on.  Like there is an actual hole in your core and all that exists there is an… Continue Reading →

Mental health issues have nothing to do with your character.

I used to say “there is a design in my flaws” instead of “there is a flaw in my design” and it is true.  In fact, those who fight the battles of mental health issues every day have way more depth in… Continue Reading →

Odds are, if you have to look, it is already too late.

My middle of the night anxiety is the. absolute. worst.  For anyone new here I have had anxiety all of my life.  It is not something you catch, and until I was diagnosed, I just thought it was normal.  Normal… Continue Reading →

There is a clog in my brain.

Yes, you read that right, and no, I am not dying… that I know of. I mean we are all dying, daily… I just don’t know for sure at this moment, that the issue is my brain or any other… Continue Reading →

Could you love you, anyway?

  Admittedly, I have mindlessly listened to this song by Darius Rucker at least one hundred times.  But, it came on while I was in the shower the other day and it struck a nerve.  Maybe because I feel a… Continue Reading →

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