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My two cents…

My two cents; Have you ever considered…

So, I had someone reach out asking me if I had ever considered that some people to forget. Forget the abuse, or the bad relationship, the attack or the break up.  Forget?!  As if, that is even possible sans dementia or… Continue Reading →

My two cents; desensitizing children.

So first and foremost, you do you. This does NOT come from a place of judgment or assumption. I have heard a lot of topics recently about what to do or not do around or in front of your kids…. Continue Reading →

My two cents; tipping

Analyzing a percentage of anything you have to pay for, you want to have a lower-the-number-the-better take, generally.  However, my big butt stops this idea at tipping.  Twenty percent minimum should be factored into your budget for the hardworking people… Continue Reading →

My two cents; greeting cards

So, I love the idea of the written word.  Obviously.  But there is something lost in the generic “Happy Birthday’s!” and “You’re the one for me!” cards that make my inner granola girl hate the paper wasting. Now, I am… Continue Reading →

My two cents; Family ties, do they really bind?

Family.  You don’t get to pick them, but you are supposed to love them anyway.  In some families that is easy, and in others it is easier said than done. What I cannot understand is in a family where everyone… Continue Reading →

My two cents; water wasting!

I grew up in Southern California until about high school (early nineties).  We were always in a drought, always.  So there were shortened showers, and times you could/could not wash cars, or turn on the sprinklers.  We were even made… Continue Reading →

My two cents; public bathrooms

Public restrooms are generally disgusting.  I think establishments should take better care in this arena, and kudos if you already do…. Side bar, do any of y’all remember the kudos snack bars, man I loved those as a kid. Anywho…… Continue Reading →

My two cents; The numbers 

I overheard a convo the other day regarding the number of sexual partners the other had had.  I had to walk away… first of all, why count… Unless it’s like five, and then it’s understandable… but seriously why is this a… Continue Reading →

I wonder…

Would the fight of today be worth it, if it all ended tomorrow?  If it holds hate or negativity in your heart, say no and let it go.  Ask yourself, if you can be honest, “will I be proud of… Continue Reading →

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