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This is my 200th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did those exclamation points convey my excitement?! Man! I had a serious check in with myself last night. (Thanks to a coach I’ll talk more about later.) I have no more excuses. Joseph is a minute away from his own… Continue Reading →


The loss of a child is something I cannot wrap my brain around.  Knowing that it was their choice to end their life, would do nothing short of kill me.  I know loss happens, I know many who have lost… Continue Reading →

Grief will find you, even where you least expect it.

  Often after a breakup or loss, the pain is so intense it leaves you feeling so low, wondering if you can even go on.  Like there is an actual hole in your core and all that exists there is an… Continue Reading →

The interview process

Recently I announced on social media that my friend Danielle, who is a great photographer, and myself are going to launch a campaign series on domestic violence.  I reached out on social media for any volunteers willing to tell their… Continue Reading →

"You're one hell of a writer…"

Who…Me?  A writer… wait, me?! What if I told you that I used to destroy everything I wrote, that I was scared to show anyone my truths, that I thought it was all shit.  I was sure that he was right,… Continue Reading →

Coping. Anxiety. How to help.

  Recently, I have been asked quite frequently, “what can I do to help?” in regards to anxiety and other mental health issues.  Many people are asking because they have never experienced the throws of mental problems and do not have any… Continue Reading →

You don't get to look away

Real life is happening, and it can be really fucking dark.  We, as North Americans especially, live in this sheltered bliss of being able to look away.  Safe from so many atrocities happening at this very moment.  But looking away… Continue Reading →

The scars on our souls

I have said before, when it comes to domestic violence, the damage done on the outside, heals far faster than the scars on the inside.  None of it is okay, better, or worse, it is all awful.  But the damage… Continue Reading →

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