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Tattooed, for my pleasure.

I get that tattoos are not everyone’s thing.  I know for ages they have been frowned upon by the masses.  People with tats have been hit with stereotypes like a one-two combo.  They have been judged and pigeonholed.  Especially women…. Continue Reading →

My two cents; greeting cards

So, I love the idea of the written word.  Obviously.  But there is something lost in the generic “Happy Birthday’s!” and “You’re the one for me!” cards that make my inner granola girl hate the paper wasting. Now, I am… Continue Reading →


So I have had two reoccurring dreams recently.  Thirst and crocodiles.  Weird, I know! But before you go all raised eyebrow on me and assume I am a dream-meaning fanatic, I’ll say here that while mine usually are very spot… Continue Reading →

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