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It is not about doing a lot of things…

It is not about doing a lot of things… It is about doing things that are fun and worth it!  I don’t go out every weekend, in fact, if you ask my friends they’d say I rarely go out at… Continue Reading →

The stars aligned perfectly, a love pop!

Have you ever laid under the wide open sky in complete awe at the vast beauty of how the night’s black sky is freckled with the stars? It is the perfect reminder of how even in the darkest of spaces,… Continue Reading →

My two cents; tipping

Analyzing a percentage of anything you have to pay for, you want to have a lower-the-number-the-better take, generally.  However, my big butt stops this idea at tipping.  Twenty percent minimum should be factored into your budget for the hardworking people… Continue Reading →

Everything seems so creepy…

Not sure why I am picking up on these random things recently, but some things I have heard, experienced or said all of the sudden just seems so creepy.     Yesterday, for example, I was listening to the radio on… Continue Reading →

He smelled like a Mediterranean ottoman!

Dear God, I just realized after that title and yesterday’s post about dating, I should clarify that no, this is not a dating in real life post… but I am sure it would be hilarious too!  Also, for clarification, I love… Continue Reading →

Come at me bro.

Y’all ever have one of those days where you are just angry, mad, frustrated?  Like no matter what is happening the response is just grrrrr.  The last few days have been a bit manic and sadness has quickly turned to… Continue Reading →

Dating in real life… make it stawp!

Seriously.  This is a good example of what not to do.  I do not think I have any single girlfriends, and some married ones too, that this has not happened to, by some creep.   Just WHYYYYYYAAAAA?! 2015, 2016, 2017…… Continue Reading →

My two cents; greeting cards

So, I love the idea of the written word.  Obviously.  But there is something lost in the generic “Happy Birthday’s!” and “You’re the one for me!” cards that make my inner granola girl hate the paper wasting. Now, I am… Continue Reading →

I mean, have you ever been face to brain, with a brain?

Someone asked me if I thought I would run out of things to write about or say.  After I laughed one of those really deep belly laughs, I thought about it.  My problem is not running out of things to… Continue Reading →

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