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The loss of a child is something I cannot wrap my brain around.  Knowing that it was their choice to end their life, would do nothing short of kill me.  I know loss happens, I know many who have lost… Continue Reading →


I have been working on this first story for months as I mentioned in my last post. “My hope is that it helps anyone in need, that it sheds light on the epidemic of Domestic Violence, that it gets you… Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about this!

A few months ago I decided I wanted to interview people who had experienced Domestic Violence and tell their story.  I have told pieces of my story and I felt like it was a way for me to reach more… Continue Reading →

WHY I blog-so-hard

I have never had any formal writing lessons or training outside of English classes through out my school years. I write what I feel and how I speak.  Those who know me know IG stories are proof that I enjoy… Continue Reading →

I will always advocate for you.

I often receive questions and comments from those who need help the most.  They know something isn’t quite right, or that their experiences are not okay, or that they need help.  When I began speaking I was worried that this would… Continue Reading →

There is a clog in my brain.

Yes, you read that right, and no, I am not dying… that I know of. I mean we are all dying, daily… I just don’t know for sure at this moment, that the issue is my brain or any other… Continue Reading →

We remember this month, like another birth day.

Maybe not the day, maybe not the exact time, but sometime in the future, you will look back and remember the month that you first, and finally met with some peace.  The struggle has been long, the path riddled with… Continue Reading →

The interview process

Recently I announced on social media that my friend Danielle, who is a great photographer, and myself are going to launch a campaign series on domestic violence.  I reached out on social media for any volunteers willing to tell their… Continue Reading →

"You're one hell of a writer…"

Who…Me?  A writer… wait, me?! What if I told you that I used to destroy everything I wrote, that I was scared to show anyone my truths, that I thought it was all shit.  I was sure that he was right,… Continue Reading →

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