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How do you eat an elephant?

Well, obviously you don’t actually eat an elephant.  Such beauties, those fantastic creatures.  I digress, the question is really, how would one go about eating an amount of food the size of an elephant? The answer, one bite at a… Continue Reading →

Coping. Anxiety. How to help.

  Recently, I have been asked quite frequently, “what can I do to help?” in regards to anxiety and other mental health issues.  Many people are asking because they have never experienced the throws of mental problems and do not have any… Continue Reading →

This is my therapy

I have no doubt that therapy (professionally) works and is a faster route to the root of problems, and overcoming them.  But for someone like myself, a middle-class single mother with a high deductible PPO and a $6,000 deductible, regular… Continue Reading →

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