About Me


Hey y'all! Thanks for checking this site out. I have been a lover of words, lyrics, sounds, humans, music, animals, and even of love... and there I go getting off track so easily... all my life. Speaking and writing have always been a passion, and much like a movie reel catching on the projector, this is my way of releasing all that is, well, me. I don't sugar coat, and realize my truths aren't always a favorite opinion, but I speak what is true for me. And, as that one quote goes (with a little tweaking) write good until you learn better, and then write better.... you get the idea.
*Domestic violence awareness advocate
*Mental health advocate, I live with anxiety, it is not who I am, but a huge part of me.
*Animal, Earth, outdoors, kindness, yoga, music, bourbon, ocean, travel, peace, family, friends, coffee, honesty LOVER
*Writer, blogger, speaker
*Music junkie

#lets_talk we have to stop hiding the truths, speak up, sounds off, hear it, accept it, advocate! I am here!

#love_pop - I fall in love with something everyday.  This is my callenge: be present enough to find something you just love about life, or the day, or a person, or yourself, etc.  post it and tag me on social media and add the hashtag love_pop

Instagram: @uncontrollably_me and @uncontrollablymedotcom

Here is where I virtually throw up my peace sign! Cheers!