Dating in real life. Texting.

It seems that everyone gets a stiffy being able to hide behind their phone or computer and say or do whatever they want.  Well, "try me" is my response.  In terms of dating, there are certain times, texting is okay, but fellas is it really that hard to call a gal and ask her out on an actual date? You know, like actually dialing a number and hearing a voice on the other end.

The correct answer is no, no it is not.

Regardless of however you met, or if you have yet to... the little effort it takes to connect over a quick phone call, still does wonders.  Try it out sometime!


Her: Hello

Him: Hey how's it going?  This is Jim, I was wondering if I could take you to dinner next week.  Are you free Thursday?

Her: (swooning on the other end) Sure, I would love to!

See how easy that is?  Now, I am not saying this has to be the norm or is a requirement, I am simply pointing out that it shouldn't be a lost art.  Texting is alright, but let's not write books back and forth, just call.

Connect, communicate.... it's a good thing!



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