Okay, Shonda!

I have been a Grey's¹ fan since it began, but when this last weeks episode started with an airplane, I said "oh hell nah". This honestly is THE first time I ever considered not watching. Ever. If I wasn't so invested, I would just bail now, but I mean we have been through every catastrophe that could ever happen to anyone, together.  Me from my couch and not in the trauma room of course.  I can't leave this show now... but it does have me thinking.  What is it about these shows that give us the relief, a getaway from life if you will, but that also then heightens our anxieties and fears, to the nines?!

Now before you judge, I don't have cable and have very few shows I watch. And yes, I'd rather read a book, or write to you all here.  However, judge away if you must because I'm a glutton for these few shows I love, and I am going to indulge.  I mean Derrick and Meredith... hopeless (and also completely messed up) romantic over here!

Yet here I am, starting a show that has me pouring another glass of wine, or maybe I would've done that anyway, whatever.  Either Shonda Rhimes has a Meredith in her past that she despises and loves to torture, it's just sick Shonda, you take it to damn far!  Or she just knows we are all sick in the head and will continue to sign up for this punishment.  Ever week, thursdays at 9. See you there!

Yours truly,

The emotional cutter

¹If I have to explain that "Greys" is a show called Grey's Anatomy, and you don't know about Meredith and Cristina and McDreamy and McSteamy, this post will be lost on you and I suggest bingeing it asap.

Also binge can either be bingeing or binging in the progressive tense, and I do not like the way either looks, both create the red underline warning... for you spelling and grammar nazi's.