Dating in real life. More on T(s)exting

Unless we are together, or at least heading in that direction, just don't.  You make yourself out to be an embarrassment.  I am not talking about once you are involved with someone... but don't come out the gate with pics of your "little man Tate", and late night texts.  :didn't your momma teach you better?!::

Here is the deal, I am a grown woman, at this point, I don't want you to tell me what you'd like to do to me if you haven't even spent any real time with me. I want you to put in the effort, and get to the point where you actually can do those things to me.


And Lord pu-lease do not think that if I turn you down, sending a pic of "little man" is going to change my mind!  How does that even play out in your head?

I went out to dinner with a guy, and afterward told him straight forward, "listen you are nice, and I appreciate you taking me to dinner, (by the way I paid for mine) but I am not interested in anything further."  He tells me he appreciates the honesty, and we both leave the restaurant.  Not 20 minutes later I am getting on onslaught of texts saying how wrong I am, and how I must be crazy to not want a guy like him, and then...

He sends me a picture of his business held up to a Direct TV remote, stating "now you see what you are missing out on?!" UMMMMM

Okay, first - the poor guests in your house that use that remote after you have basically wiped yourself all over it. EW.  Second - ouch!  Have you seen those remote controls?! It's like the size of a baby's leg.  Just no.  Third - did you really imagine that sending that picture would have me suddenly changing my mind? Like I would go, you know on second thought, I was not attracted to you and totally didn't want to see you again, but now that you have shown me your penis, in a picture that was probably taken a while ago, and has also been circulated to other women, I think you are just the guy for me... really?! Thank you, you are now deleted and blocked! Bu-BYE!

Whiz, at the rate I have dodged these bullets, you could put me in the damn Matrix movies!