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"How beautifully you are learning the art of surrender, the courage to let go, in the wild of your unknows"

Morgan Harper Nichols


Coaching... ah, coaching... you may be wondering what it even means to have or be a life coach.

Well, let's look at it with a little different verbiage.  When coaching someone, I am their biggest cheerleader.  I am there to help them feel empowered and supported in making changes to their life while providing a safe and judgment-free environment.  How cool is that?!  

We all struggle, in fact, it is in that exact spot, where we all are connected.  We all know pain and suffering, we all know when there is a piece missing or we wish for better for ourselves.  Experience and pain are personal, there is no measure of what others feel, but we all do feel.  Through much experience of my own and alongside others I have managed to create a space to learn, grow, evolve and I would love to help you get there too.  Coaching is expressing my truths in a way that invites others to be vulnerable in their own.

Upon announcing my plans to start my business as a coach my friend exclaimed, "Finally!  You have been doing this Pro Bono for years!"  Now, this is not to say that I have all of the answers, certainly not.  I am on the same path as you, I suffer and have to work at it too, but what I can do is ask the right questions and help guide you toward your own right answers.  Coaching an individual is as unique as they are.  We all have different obstacles and different goals.

Change can be scary, facing truths can sometimes shake us up a bit, fear is a limiting belief that stands in our way at times.  But, what emerges on the other side of doing the work is a better version of you and the ability to make significant improvements in your own life.  As a coach I will help you uncover your most authentic self, we work together in creating the life you desire, I will provide you with encouragement and help to overcome what is holding you back. 

I also have a special desire to help victims of domestic violence move forward.  It is daunting to make changes, especially after having been programmed that you are not good enough, abused, belittled, manipulated, physically, emotionally, mentally, financially harmed, and left with scars whether inside, out, or both.  If you are a victim of domestic violence and would like to work with me, please reach out.  I understand first-handed how hard it is to get back on your feet and am happy to work with your budget.

If any of the above sounds helpful to you, you are in the right place.  If you are looking for someone to fully be in your corner, to believe in you, to be your champion, here I am!  Fill out the form below and I will be in touch soon! I also created a FREE workbook for you to help get started! Head over to the home page and get yours!

Exploring your own story is not something everyone needs but it is something everyone deserves so congrats on making it this far, imagining a great life is the first step in having one!

Remember it is courage and fear, not one or the other.

XO - T

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Yesterday was life changing for sure. The talk with you, Tracy, definitely opened my eyes. I can confidently say my relationship with my son will get better because of that talk. Thank you so much, I am grateful to have met you!
— — S.R.
Tracy, I think you helped me break through more of my own excuses and heavy stuff in one session than I have in several therapy sessions. You are a gift and have found your calling as a coach.
— Nikky
It seems as if Tracy and I have been orbiting around each other for years. The more we connect in our work together with life coaching and soul healing, the more we see. We’ve known the same people, attended the same events, enjoyed the same creative outlets. And recently found out we literally live two blocks from each other. But the universe had a plan, a plan unbeknownst to me. I wasn’t to meet Tracy until the universe knew I was ready for what she was willing to bring into my life. I met Tracy through a mutual friend last year. I knew instantly she was putting love and courage out into the world. More recently I’ve asked her to be my life coach, to walk me through the childhood traumas that still hold me back from finding my true self. One of the most intimate parts of our work is her guided meditation. Tracy is able to help me create a safe space that I can be still, not only be still but sit quietly and trust the process. For anyone who is confronting trauma it is imperative to feel safe. Not only has Tracy created that space for herself she is now creating that space for me. More importantly she is patiently(and I mean PATIENTLY) helping me create that safe space for myself. Whether we are working one on one or if I’m privileged enough to attend one of her guided meditation work shops, I always find clarity after our work. I know we are never “fully arrived”, but I am grateful to be on this journey with this amazing human I call my friend and my Coach.

Not sure if I can ever put into words what our work is bringing to my life.
— anonymous
The concept of coaching may be a bit of an unknown to you, whoever you are, reading this. What does it entail, what will be required of me, or even what it can help accomplish are all questions someone may wonder. But the beauty of working with someone like Tracy, is in her understanding that there is truly no one-size-fits-all solution or approach to the process. She is a woman of knowledge and wisdom that transcends anything that could be put on paper, or explained in a brief bio. Her manner of helping you uncover the root causes of why you behave or think in a certain way are so unique and poignant. Somehow she is like a gentle hug and swift kick in your ass all at the same time, and I can assure you that you will appreciate the clarity and perspective she helps you discover within your own life. Just by simply spending time chatting with Tracy about the various areas of my life where I feel “stuck” or at a loss of what to do next, she helped me look at things from a different angle, and understand that to work through these things, I must first truly know and respect what my own strengths and gifts are. Only then can I stop comparing what my journey will look like in comparison to anyone else, and tackle challenges and embrace opportunities with a whole heart and clear mind. I would highly recommend investing in yourself to see what coaching can bring to your life.
— Eva