Drop on into that heart of yours.

The universe is always patiently waiting for us to stop judging what we think should be and start accepting that we have infinite potential in this life. When that vibrational buzzer goes off and you feel something bigger than yourself at work, it time to turn your mind off and drop into your heart.

I used to think my heart was dumb and untrustworthy but I have learned that it is actually my mind getting in my way all of the time.

Drop in to your heart, let life do its thing with out your distorted and fake sense of control wrestling the life out of you.

Stay in the high vibration. We often have no idea what is waiting for us because we cling too tightly to the programming and beliefs of the past. When something feels really good to your soul, stay there, even if it is listening when you need rest, or going for a walk in nature.

Once we drop in to the heart’s desires, let go of our preconceived notions, we are free to explore our possibilities.

Look back on a time you felt scared to do something but did it anyways. Do you remember what that felt like? And afterward did you sit back and say “holy shit, what have I been missing?!” Those are the moments we need to strive to make our reality, not just a place we visit every now and again.

If it’s not a fuck yes, then it’s a no. If it feels scary, then start small. Does a bath feel like a 10? Yes, then take a bath... while you’re there sink into your heart and gratitudes.

Small actions in a higher vibration and level of consciousness become the consistent and constant acceptance that it is the only way.