There is a clog in my brain.

Yes, you read that right, and no, I am not dying... that I know of.

I mean we are all dying, daily... I just don't know for sure at this moment, that the issue is my brain or any other thing for that matter.

I have had a lull in writing due to well, life happening.  That is really a good thing because I have been almost a shut-in for months now.  However, unfortunately for someone like me, the thoughts never stop swirling, and as they compound each other I end up... clogged.  Of course, while there is no outlet for my brain there is infinite more information coming in daily.  It's like one piece one hour and then three more the next, and before you know it I am spinning on an axis that I cannot right myself from and the thoughts just will not stop their revolutions for a second to let me catch up.

I am left with a jumbled mess of a brain.  Breathe.

The only perk to this chaos is that I typed the above in about 12 seconds, which means I have now begun the cardio warm up equivalent to writing, and hopefully I will be able to expel some of these lovely little tidbits into something worth reading.  Also hopefully it will not be shit reading.  Either way, it will be out and then maybe, just maybe I can return to my upright and locked position.

Did you notice?  Funny thing about a brain like mine, people rarely can tell.

Sending you all some good thoughts, mainly so they can get the eff up outta my brain!

But seriously, also because I love ya.

Cheers - out of this mug!