Come at me bro.

Y'all ever have one of those days where you are just angry, mad, frustrated?  Like no matter what is happening the response is just grrrrr.  The last few days have been a bit manic and sadness has quickly turned to a fist thrown upward like "what the hell, man!?".   And no, before you even think to say it, it is not thaaaaaat shark week kinda mood, not even time!  Although, I did double check my calendar.

I have just seen or been in situations that have rendered me helpless.  And I am a doer, like a dude, I want to have a fix.  Some situations though, have none.  I have some friends who suffered a devastating loss, like the kind I am not sure I would recover from.  I cried for them as if it was happening to me, but then I just got mad, like really mad.  I was mad at their suffering, and the lack of a damn thing I could do about it.

I live a somewhat simple life, I have created it that way.  I pulled myself out of the depths of hell on Earth and swore I would not return.  But of course, I have zero control or say so in the way the world works and what others do or happens to them.  Fair or unfair, right or just plain wrong.  I can only react.

Well let me tell you, today my reaction was "I seriously wish a muthafucka** would!" quite simply.  After a crazy week, stress filled situations and schedule, a dude seizing his life away in front of me, wishing I could spare my friends the kind of pain that is impossible, driving an hour away for work ending in a tumultuous twelve hour day, I was walking the dog tonight and I had my fist tightened like - let. someone. try. me.  Uh, ridiculous much?

The average person would definitely assume I was a Scorpio with this kind of mean streak, but no... us Virgos don't play either!  I actually think we are worse, because unlike Scorpios the tail rarely recoils once you have earned it... You get it for life!

Now, I did at least realize that having that notion and then writing about it is probably not the smartest idea.  If someone means to do you harm, they will resort to doing so, no matter the means.  And, again before it is even said, for those of you who know me, you know words like feisty and defiant often couple with my name.  Also, there has possibly even been a time or two where things have come across as some would maybe say, aggressive.  As I throw my hands up and act like they're the crazy ones (I mean I never start it anyway).  Now, in my own defense (like there could be one) I do have a background in martial arts and self defense, and would at minimum make someone or several someone's remember that one girl who put up a helluva fight, but even I realize how silly of a sentiment it really was. No lecture necessary, thanks.

I mean thirty seconds after I was ready to defend myself through any means necessary, Lara Croft tomb raider style, and sick my badass pup on anyone who wanted some, I winced in pain at the Charlie horse I got because it is around a thousand degrees outside, and miss priss of a bad ass dog walked around a small puddle.  Seriously.

Anywho, I got a blog out of it, I have my blog to the rescue of my psycho self since this is like my therapy.

Thanks y'all, you're the real MVPs!

Where in the ---- did all the wine in my glass go?!  UGH




P.S. The real MVP is my grammar and spell checker....