My two cents; desensitizing children.

So first and foremost, you do you. This does NOT come from a place of judgment or assumption.

I have heard a lot of topics recently about what to do or not do around or in front of your kids. One topic that always hits a nerve with people is kids seeing their parents naked. Showering together, being around the house etc. I think skin is skin, bodies are bodies, we all have them. For me though, what I always think about when it comes to my son is that I don't want to desensitize him to complete nakedness. He can see me in a bikini of course, and one could argue that I push the envelope on this with some of my posts, but I never wanted him to be around a girlfriend the first time and not be wowed by her because he has seen mine all his life.

I know that is cringe worthy but in all seriousness, as kids get older they do remember.  I cannot imagine my son being alone with a girl for the first time and being like "no biggie, I have seen my mom naked all my life," sweet Jesus. I. Would. Die!  I think that would be different if I had a girl, I only know the mother-son deal.

I think this applies in lots of different facets, our kids only know what we (parents and society) teach them. I am not into body shaming or them thinking bodies are, on any level, bad.

Again, no judgment, and I am obviously not talking about babies/toddlers... but once they notice, there is a line drawn in the sand.