My two cents; greeting cards

So, I love the idea of the written word.  Obviously.  But there is something lost in the generic "Happy Birthday's!" and "You're the one for me!" cards that make my inner granola girl hate the paper wasting.

Now, I am not saying that I don't love getting cards.  Opening a note from someone is actually a favorite if they wrote ten words or one hundred.  It's just that I hate giving them without saying something important inside.  I mean otherwise what is the point?  Cards were the previous generations way of showing they care enough to stop and send something in the mail.  They had to go to the store, pick one out, label it, drive to the post office all in the hopes of putting a smile on your face, even if they could not see it.  Effort. Now we have so many options to say I love you, and Happy Birthday, by the third or fourth one, call, FB, IG, text, Tweets, Snaps...they get it!

Maybe it's just my OCD and not liking keeping the clutter, or feeling guilty for tossing them, (I do keep the ones with written sentiments) or the wasting trees as I mentioned earlier, and money.  Probably all of the above.  I just feel like if you have something to say or express, you should say what you need to.  If writing it is easier, sure buy the card... I get it, just don't expect the card to say it for you, even if it is a two-foot long fold out with poems for love, life, and adoration.  I mean at least add "this card said everything I was thinking and could not say myself" or something like that.

And yes, it is the thought that counts, of course, if it is your thoughts.  Anywho, as usual, just my two cents!

Happy day!

T - XO