Goal: publish in another magazine... can you help?

A while back I posted my story about hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  I wrote the piece for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in hopes of being featured in their myATstory journal magazine.  The contest allows submissions from people from all over the world with the opportunity of winning some really cool prizes.  For me though, while the prizes are awesome, getting published in the magazine has a deeper meaning.

When I was in the place in my life that my story takes place I desperately wanted to write and submit my work but I was too scared.  I had been told for years that I was nothing, not good enough, and undeserving.  Sometimes not in words, usually always in actions.  Over time I believed all of it to be true.  So, every month the magazine would come and I would wonder if I ever would qualify.  If my words would ever hold weight and value. If I would ever be good enough.

Today I have this amazing blog, full of my words and lots of my therapy.  I also have all of you who have supported me by reading, sharing, lifting me up.  I released my words about my time on the AT and how Nature and the experiences out in the woods, on the trails, changed my life.

Now, I have a huge favor to ask.  If you would please read, or reread my article and go vote for me.  To be featured would absolutely delight my life and I would be forever grateful.

Voting can be done HERE, once every 24 hours until February 12th.

My article is towards the end of page two, (update: it may be on page 3 too) and can also be read in my article titled: Returning to the beat of my heart on the AT from my website.  Vote, like, share - if you can.  Much love!

Tip: if you are voting from a mobile phone it can be a little tricky.  After typing in your email address and confirming you are a human, it may throw you down the page.  You have to scroll back up and click Let's Vote.  A square box will pop up under each story highlighted in red for voting.

As always, I appreciate all of your continued support.