Great things I have heard or said or thought or repeated...

When I originally started considering creating this blog it was not to write super lengthy stories.  I mean, I personally do not have time to read the 50 books I have at home let alone the 60-plus-ish blogs I follow, how could I expect anyone else too?  And we won't even start on social media distractions!  I have great intentions to devour them... but let's be honest, there are far too many to truly keep up with and life is just happening all the time, sooo no, I get it I don't have the time either.  That said - we all know how winded I can be! So, this will be my attempt at providing thoughtful ideas and not require 15 minutes of reading time.  You are welcome!

But after this, of course.

At one point in my life, I was a sticky note hoarder, like really.  I would write 100 notes a day it seemed.  Maybe not actually, but based on the fact that years later I still find them, we will go with it.  I would write to-do's, recipes, don't forgets, quotes and random little nuggets of thought and expression.

So, I had a glimpse of a blog that resembled an office board with these well arranged, straight, in-order, yes my OCD shows up for this part, sticky notes.  Pink for love, blue for life, grey for truths, and so on.

I still think it is a great idea but instead of having to create a whole other website, I decided I would start a new category of them on here, this my beloved 13 month-old lil babe.  Sorry I had to, sidebar - parents after their eleventh month your child is one, and then two, and then three. If you must, use halves to describe the in between.  No one really counts the in between, but you, and doing the math is just annoying, k thanks.

"Back to the point Tracy!"

These will be short little excerpts with maybe a smidge of clarification or thought tacked on, but promised to be short(er) reads!

At this point in human evolution, it is impossible to break through with a remarkably new idea, thought, advice piece, etc.  As a writer that becomes a daunting thought/feeling because you do not want to either plagiarize or seem uninventive, BUT I read a quote once that resonated with me.  It said, "Sure people have said and heard all of these things before, but they have not heard them from you."  In an effort to never get in trouble (haha) but seriously, I will quote who, where, what when I can.  Please understand I will never use someone else's words as my own.  I am waaaaay too comfortable in my own confidence to steal from someone else, however, that doesn't mean we all don't feel, think, understand some similar concepts.  Basically, a lot will be my own words, I will quote where I can, I will never knowingly use someone else's words, I will never intentionally not quote someone that I know, and if I learn better I will edit to make it better.  Promise.

With all that said to explain a new short read category concept... please enjoy! (I know, I can barely stand me sometimes, too!) I do hope they resonate with you, provoke your brains and thoughts, and find you when you need them most!

I recently listened to a great podcast, The Love Love Love, where Ruthie Lindsey and Jedidiah Jenkins are interviewed about their love for each other.

She says, "The depth that you have suffered is the depth that you can love." and my brain. about. exploded. It made so much sense to me that the reason I feel more and have a deeper understanding is that love is what cut into me.  It created these places with such depth that I can no longer accept or "do" surface.  Understanding that, in turn, made me grateful for my pain and suffering.  Amazing.

So there it is, my first little quote nugget.  Now for a category name... hmmmmm?!  #quotenugget #thoughtnug #itsallbeensaid #brainpops (that one sounds painful) #postits (that could bring copyright issues and a whole slew of misread people from the "dark-web" def scratch that one.)

Musings of depth.  I think I like that, although it does sound a bit... I don't know melodramatic.  UM-musings... Uncontrollably ME.

Feel free to comment with any ideas!