#love_pop Happy Birth-Day little baby blog!



Y'all it has been a year! Well, technically tomorrow is the launch of my first stories, but a year since I sat at my kitchen table and decided to start writing what I was yearning to read.  I opened my computer and I began.

I can hardly believe it, but I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for following along this journey.  This little blog has meant the world to me, it has been my therapy and helped me through.  Even more, it has helped me reach others who needed to hear the stories.  Whether about abuse or mental health issues, dating or parenting, the feedback has been immense.

I know this is still just the beginning of this new chapter in my life, for this blog, and all the things I have still to share and experience.  This journey is becoming the destination, each day there is some sort of magic, there is at least one #love_pop, and I am just thrilled with life's beauty.  There are still hard times, trying times, there always will be but they don't scare me the way they used to.  There is no power over me anymore, I am free.  All feelings and emotions come with a choice.  When reacting we have the power to choose.  Sometimes my choice is to hide in my bed because it is safe, but I am consistently choosing better.  Happier, more loving, open and learning.

I have enjoyed sharing even when it has been hard to convey, the times where I have felt uninspired or that my words are just shit.  I look back and still feel fond of those growing, albeit trying times.

My message is to reach others, to help where I can, that will never wane.  The support in sharing, reading, commenting, liking, and being the best damn cheering squad a gal could wish for just have my cup runnin all over.

So, thank you.

Cheers to my little baby blog, to the tears and the laughs.  Cheers to all of you hangin in there with me.  Cheers to all of the tomorrows!

This is my #LOVE_POP today - tag me in yours on IG and FB - wherever you do your thang!