My two cents; Have you ever considered...

So, I had someone reach out asking me if I had ever considered that some people want to forget.

Forget the abuse, or the bad relationship, the attack or the break up.  Forget?!  As if, that is even possible sans dementia or amnesia.  And consider it?! I have wished it was possible most of my life.  Of course as Elizabeth Gilbert wrote in one of her books, "You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be".

Forgetting is a delusion, you will never unfeel, unhear, unsee all of the things you experience.  Pretending something didn't happen does not make it go away.  And frankly, it is hard enough to go through and then face a trauma without diminishing the reality of it ever happening.

Validating the experience is pertinent to healing.  My suggestion is not to live in it, or write about it, or dwell in that place... but forgetting is not realistic.  Living in the past is certainly unhealthy, however, your attempt at omitting pieces of life will only lessen the experience and void the knowledge gained.

Now, if it is me that you'd rather not bring it up, it would be a faster path to just unfollow me.  Similar to those who say it is uncomfortable to hear, yes - yes it is... imagine living it!

Anywho - my two cents... Happy Monday!

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