Would you pose for a naked photo shoot?

I am sure most people are like, "HEEELLLLLLLLLLL no!" but, I think I might.  I mean, if the opportunity grows from the creative minds that be it could be a pretty epic shoot.

Oh boy, gasp here!  Everyone just calm down!

Here is the thing, I have never been a shy person, per se.  I am quite the opposite actually, in that I am very comfortable in my skin, flaws and all.  If you have seen some of my pictures, it is clear that I do not mind pushing the social norms because I love my body, my curves, my lines.  I do, however, also respect myself fiercely and do not give of myself easily.

Curve: The loveliest distance between two points.
~Mae West

You see, this skin has been banged up, bruised, hurt, scarred, taken advantage of, raped, threatened, hit, assaulted and so on, and yet here it is housing all of me, and what makes me, me.  I mean it is what holds us in this very human and vulnerable yet crazy strong form.

So why not be comfortable in it.  Why not accept it, our wrinkles, our rolls, our scars, and all of our flaws.  I can accept that it may not be for everyone, that I may not be for everyone, scars and all, but that should have zero bearing on my self-acceptance.  I don't expect to be all googly-eyed over my cellulite, but to accept my body and love it just as it is, allows me to love it into whatever form I am most comfortable.  The love and acceptance we need are just right there waiting for us to say yes.

I accept my body, I am proud that it has survived and come this far, so far.

So back to the topic at hand, would I pose for a naked photo shoot?  The quick answer is yes.  Now it should go without saying, but I will have to here anyway...(judgers this part is for you, pay attention!) this would be a professional shoot done with respect and in good taste and with tons of class, and for a purpose.  I do recognize I have my son to think of (you know MY son) and would never want him to feel embarrassed or ashamed of me, so there would be boundaries.

Sidebar: he walked in as I was typing so I went ahead and mentioned the idea.  His response, "okay, why are you telling me, whatever you want to do is cool with me."  and then he looked at me funny as if he was trying to figure out why I even mentioned it.  Love that kid!

Bottom line, I would trust the creative and artistic talent of the photographer if I were to do this and that's all that really matters.  That I, the subject, would be comfortable... just to finish up my point of saying what shouldn't have to be said.

All that unnecessarily said shit over with now, I think it will be an amazing project if it happens as it is being envisioned and if not at least I can say I had the courage to do it anyway.  I mean I just turned 39, the chance to do something so rad, making such a statement, might not come around again! Ha! Sigh!

Cheers to being bold, and my own kinda crazy beautiful... no, you do not have to agree.