A case of the Monday's

Lord today, I am grateful for wine this evening!  I think there should be a rule that leaving work for a few days means you really leave it, and don't need to make up all the piles of junk that end up waiting for you like an ugly monster when you return.  I also think we should work less and play more, naps should be a thing every day, and you should be able to skip a payment once a year on a biggie bill.   Anywho, back to my point, returning to work on after a thrilling weekend, makes for the worst case of the "Monday's". All I want to do is tell you all about the epic weekend I had, but this is real life.  Parenting and grades (eye roll), work, personal, friends, family, board decisions, knowing I wanted to reach out to friends but time didn't allow what they deserve, obligations, yada yada yada... I felt so overwhelmed by 10 a.m., yes a.m.... I had to take a lap at my office to settle in.  The distress could be from being away, or everything hitting at once, the inability to escape parenting for even a second as a single parent, friends in dilemmas, employees needing a day off, the president of the company needing assistance, having anxiety kicking in to 4WD... a multitude of nuances, that would drive the most balanced, sane person (not me) batshit cray cray! Pick D. ALL OF THE ABOVE.

But, as I was running my last errand tonight, and fighting traffic, and deciding on dinner, and the thought of documenting tax papers with my name for the condo association, I watched the simplest of things, that happens daily for me.  I watched a bird flying.  And in a zap, I was thinking about how lucky I was to be on a get-away this past weekend, and for a healthy child, and for a job that puts a roof over our heads, and friends and family that just need to hear from me because they care.  I thought about the people I met this weekend, and all of the rad stuff they do in life.  Certainly, the burden lifted.

We are blessed beyond measure, through trial and tribulation, the majority of us have pretty amazing lives.  Tonight, as I am exhausted and still have a load of laundry to do, lunch to make, dishes to clean, absent note to write, bills to pay, texts to respond to, a table/desk to organize... just to name a few... I am humbled to know my boy is sleeping soundly above me, I have some pretty amazing adventures in the books, and wealth in the form of love and graciousness to appreciate.

Be well my friends, know you are not alone, in life, rejoicing in the Spirit of us all is well.