Can I get an amen?! Shooooot

I find myself to be a forgetful person from time to time.  Not the forget my baby in the back seat kinda forgetful, I luckily successfully survived my early years of parenting without that happening, thank God!!  But the kind of, drive right past the recycling center two days in row, only to remember when I get home and finally get to slow down a sec.  (helpful hint: leave your purse, or wallet, in the back seat with said recycle so you see it!) Or the driving on auto-pilot to work, right past your intended destination to get gas on the way in.  (Whoops my gas light may or may not be on, again!) I need to work on this and unfortunately keeping lists and reminders has sometimes actually made it worse... cus I'll write everything down, and then forget the damn list. Face palm! Or it sits there staring blankly at me while I feel unaccomplished for only adding to it certain days. Sigh. Blink blink.

I'm sure keeping up with life and work, kids and responsibilities, and just sheer age amplifies the problem... I mean who out there doesn't have a five page to-do list?! Ok, that may be an exaggeration but it feels that long! It seems actually, that more than the other reasons, our obligatory priorities and society, egg on the short term forgetfulness even more. We are too focused on making life work, in our certain way, thinking we have ultimate control of everything.  Haha-we really kid ourselves there! 

All I wanna do is sit down and read my book! Ugh, you know what I'm gonna! Right after I check Josephs project, change out of these awful heels, take the mail in, make some dinner, rummage through said mail, poor a glass of bourbon, respond to previously ignored messages, on every social media platform, eat dinner, post the blog, repost on every form of media... 

Dangit, by then it's 10, too tired to read after working 10 and a half hours today... whomp whomp. 

Okay okay, first world problems I know! I'll quit my bitchin! But dang can I get an amen for/from all the overworked mamas out there?! 

::skips mail and food and messages, goes straight to bourbon:: 

Enjoy a giggle!


Y'all have an enjoyable night, now! Cheers! 

Sip sip,