Yes, I know what you are about to read is silly and ridiculous.  But this is my blog, I do (and write) what I want... ;)

I hate seeing geese alone.  I get super uneasy.  Like I panic for them... why are they alone, where is their life partner... did they get hit by a car... is he (or she) alone for life now!? We have these flocks by my job and they are never alone... until this one.  They do everything together.  We have watched year after year as all the babies hatch and waddle around.  AND this guy is all by himself!  Maybe he is an outcast, a loner goose, I wish I could ask him if he is ok.  He will probably try to kill me though, and make that gawd awful sound... and then poop everywhere.

I still worry about him. He has been on my mind since 5.

Trust me, I shake my head at me too.