Love POPS!

Love pops are my joy! In future posts, I will just let you know about the happenings of my current love pop.  But first...

There was a time, when sadness was so immense, that I rarely found a reason, outside of my son, of course, to smile.  The depths of that sadness and negativity took years to overcome.  Piece by piece, as time passed I began to heal.  Bruises were quick to go, the damage on the inside was by far the worst to manage.  I tell you all of this to set the stage for how my love pops came to be.

About two years, yes years, after leaving my abusive situation I was putting my life back together.  I had a good and steady job, Joseph and I were safe and rebuilding our home.  I don't know what triggered it, but suddenly I noticed I was just, happy.  I had joy more than I had sadness.  I began relishing the feeling.  It is no understatement to liken it to someone getting glasses after years of everything being fuzzy.  Sure you can't be in love with every moment of every day, but every day I found something to just love so much.  It became a habit to purposefully feel the sun, or breeze on my face, to watch the waves crash, or the birds fly, to smile at strangers and giggle at the sometimes awkward grins they expressed for lack of that happening to them in a while.  To play a song in my "happy" playlist, and dance around like I hadn't a care in the world.  I am a bit of a foodie and a brown water (aka bourbon) drinker/lover so a good meal or bevy could just send me into all the smiles.

It sounds almost juvenile, but I began to find that childlike silliness a way to keep myself on course.  And you know what happened, the more I loved the moments, the more moments happened that I loved.  Just like that, all the time. It was like POP and love confetti exploded over my head and sprinkled down all over me.  If you can imagine :) a LOVE POP!

A text I once sent regarding that matter that shows the more grown-up side to it:

"I have often said that I fall in love all the time.  I fall for life and all the beauty that is just there within our sights, if we just push ourselves beyond the status quo, into it.  I loved this weekend.  From dancing and singing, to meeting new people, to standing in the rain in the middle of the bustling nightlife crowd, and so much more.  This weekend was life, and that is what it is, not always what we hope or want.  I choose to see the beauty, and will always push my self to be better at it...." LOVE POP

I had learned that the end of that dark place was just the beginning of my new life,  I am grateful. And I celebrate by throwing my love pops all over! I encourage you all to do the same.  Take a second to look around and find something that hits you in the feels, or brings a smile to your face, and just soak it in.  Sometimes the simpler the better, you'll get the hang of it.  Be grateful for them, seek them out... pass them on,

Be LOVE and sprinkle that shit everywhere!



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