My two cents; anonymous flowers

I know I am gonna catch hell for this one, and I don't intend for anyone to feel badly about doing this.  (Please reference my just keep scrolling post if necessary.) So let me explain.  First off, I absolutely LOVE flowers, and I also love receiving them.  Like LOTS!  I am very appreciative, truly, but I cannot help to feel unnerved not knowing who they are from.

Now I can hear the opposition, "just be glad someone is thinking about you" or "maybe they don't know how to approach you" (fyi the men I intimidate are the exact men I prefer to avoid) and maybe having the past I do is explanation enough, or maybe it is too many SVU episodes, neither here nor there.  I just feel like a gesture, of flowers or other, delivered in person or by business, means this person knows enough about me to potentially cause me harm, AND IT FREAKS ME OUT!

I am not saying don't send flowers... just sign the dang card!  Pretty please.