My two cents; I heart jet noise!

No, I really do!  The bottom line for a "keep this post short T"... I would rather hear ours than theirs.  We are blessed to live in one of the most protected places on Earth, by men and women who go to work knowing they may not return, to their lives, to their families.  I am in awe and grateful for them.  Regardless of politics, I am fiercely patriotic, I love our Country and respect the men and women who have our safety and best interest at heart.  I know I am not brave enough to stand and fight, so hell yes, thank you, and a big cheers to those who are.  If they need to fly all hours of the day and night, so be it... I chose where I live, and the jets are music to my ears.  A reminder how safe and blessed we are.  Now for those who disagree... quit yer bitchin about having to turn your tv up, or place someone on hold for a whole 20 seconds... and buy those guys a round! They are your neighbors, friends, loved ones, don't ever forget the sacrifice, freedom is not free.

Peace! #redwhiteblue #ilovejetnoise #mytwocents


Tracy Holemeyer