Single parents day

Today is 'national single parents day' apparently, and I will again this year, say how amazing it is to be my sons' mother.  He is all things great, everything I wish I could be better at being, doing, etc.  Being a parent is not easy, being a single parent is tough...challenging as it is rewarding...  so cheers to all of you!  I know there are moments that make us question our very existence in this world, but in the same breath, we would not change a single second! We are not alone, even as single parents... we often do the best we can, and are just good enough at times, but when they reach up and grab your hand, or need ooooone more kiss before bed, or like my now 16 year old shares his day with me, or takes the time to say "thanks mom", we just melt, and know instantly that we are doing things right.  Y'all keep on keepin on.... and get yourself a nice glass of whatever soothes your soul tonight!



Tracy Holemeyer