That's how I'll remember you

I thought of you yesterday. Like really let my thoughts open for the first time in a long time.  To lean in and feel what we were.  I felt love and magic, and I missed you.  So I sent you some love and light in hopes of letting go just a little more.  Letting go of something that was so amazing, yet could never be. That the peace of our final days could grow in my heart and hope that it was still soft in your mind too.  We were never each others in the fraction of seconds we spent entangled in each other, but in those fractions, we were something.. beautiful, real, whole, raw, alive.

At the end of it all, I am so very grateful for the experience to feel so deeply.  The letting go can be difficult, but it really is peaceful too.  To know the terms of a thing in this life is rare, but given the chance, if proposed to have the best times of your life, even with a definite end... would you sign up for that? Would you go in willing, even if you could not keep it forever?

For me, it is a FUCK yes! I did, I will, I am. It is signing up for a life, alive!

P.S. - Your name will forever be written on a place in my heart. I hope you are well.