Coffee is life!

I used to think that decaf was as pointless as non-alcoholic beer.  Or as useless as a padded bra... its like false advertisement (I will save the rest of that discussion for another post coming soon).  I mean what is the point?!  Well let me tell you, you know you love coffee when you are willing to drink it without the caffeination supply!  I take Effexor for my anxiety issues, and it has a tiny bit of an upper for focus... when I first started taking it, as my body adjusted, taking it and having my coffee sent me in to the shakes zone.  You know the one... jitter city!  I decided immediately, craziness was just going to be life, because I WAS NOT giving up coffee.

I have before, given it up, simply to prove I was in control of my addiction.  I quit for a whole month, through the headaches and overcoming my desire for it... gave it up!  Not one sip.  Agony.  Once I knew I was could go with out, however, I immediately went back to drinking it, much to my dental hygienist's chagrin, because I LIKE IT, (and I need it). So sorry mental health issue, "Doc we need to figure something else out".

He actually thought it was a decent alternative to suggest decaf!

Are you kidding me right now?!   Do you know me, at all?!  What in the actual shit are you suggesting!?!

Since he has a degree and all, I reluctantly tried it.  And that is when I knew, coffee is LOVE.  I don't just like it, I love it.  Enough that I was willing (for the transitional period) to have decaf a few days a week (super glad that is over).  I mean the last thing this crazy gal needs is something else to worry about!   #gimmeallthecaffeines

Brown water in the am, brown water in the pm... brown water lover gal!

Sip, sip, cheers!