Forrest here and there 

So Forrest the Goose is my fav. I totally hate when I miss him.  However, he totally hates it too.  This first picture is his total asshole-ish side on a day I missed bringing him goodies.  He sat right in the drive way at work, and. was. not. moving...  I kinda respect it.  It is funny though, that people message me and said, "can you get your goose?"  or "bad mama, you forgot to feed your Goose!"

He was the sweetest.  No hissing, or yelling, specifically while feeding him, just happy to see me.  However after leaving him, I found another lone goose, and ooooofffffff course I think, this is his mate, she found him!  So I get out and feed her too... ooops.  She started hissing and chicken necking her head around as if to say, "thas my man B, you betta recognize"  So I threw some chips out and said... "you should be nicer Ms. Goose!"