My boobs are now cage free and free range.

No they are not chickens, but we have broken the chains!  Or the wire at least.  The fact is we all have boobs, we all have nipples.  GASP, she said nipple!  Get over it.  I know when to have coverage and when not to, I am not starting a bare body movement here.  I just have decided underwire and push-up bras are not for me.  And that if I want to not wear a bra, I do not have to!  Simple.

And let me just tell you, the freedom... these are happy gals over here on my body! Finally, after years of trying to please other people who may look at them for 3.5 seconds, I am now pleasing me (and them) for a change!  You know me, the one who has to live with them, 24/7.  Also, I have found that they do not draw any less attention, say whaaaat?!





You may now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast!

Cheers to the tatas!


AKA sideboob