My daily prayers (from a mama who is really real. No I am still not religious, don't worry.)

God, I love my child, I really, really do.  And I am going to need some extra help in the next few years, like all the rest of them, for forever, to make sure we both make it through.  There apparently was a design flaw in my patience creation, or maybe the lead gal had the day off that day?  

I am not sure, and certainly not questioning your team, heavens no!  I just think maybe mine was missed, or skipped over somehow.  Or maybe that sweet angel had a little too much wine because she had kids to, maybe. Because this child you gave me is a stellar human, for sure, I am just the most blessed, luckiest... but there are days Lord... well you know... if I can just be really real here, where the disgusting teenage days really do seem worse than having a threenager again!

::As we are on day 4 of "what is that smell?!::



Oh - and thank you, thank you for turning that water in to wine.