My two cents; I hate hashtags

No really, I hate hashtags.  And at what point did they even become a thing other than a pound sign, was there a memo I missed?  Now I know some of you may have seen my IG and are thinking... "oh you hate them, huh, but you use like 100 of them in your posts!"  This is true, I do, I succumbed to the times.  You see in order to drive people to your content, they are a very necessary component of social media.  My IG gets around 40% more traffic because of hashtags alone, which in turn gets my lil rockin blog here even more views.  Eventually views equals growth and subscribers, which is the point, right?! So there you have it, my two cents on hashtags, in case you were thinking "man, I wonder why she uses soooo many hashtags", now you know... and you're welcome!

And here is a cute picture of my niece, when I asked her how she felt about turning two, in hopes this post makes you smile on this gorgeous day!  Two is awesome!

emmy 2.jpg