My two cents; public bathrooms

Public restrooms are generally disgusting.  I think establishments should take better care in this arena, and kudos if you already do....

Side bar, do any of y'all remember the kudos snack bars, man I loved those as a kid.

Anywho... I do think it is a responsibility of businesses to take care of their bathrooms, but before that, and way more importantly... how about each of us as humans get our shit together and not make them such a mess?  (Figuratively of course, we definitely don't need anyone actually collecting their poop in a nice little pile.  On second thought...).  I mean is it really that hard to clean. up. after. yourself? The correct answer is NO, no it is not.

There is a whole list of disgusting things one can encounter, but sitting your bare ass on someone else's pee is just too much.  I get you may be fearful of contracting some weird butt skin disease, but let me ask you, do you personally know anyone who has ever had one?  I don't.  I do know that seat guards really don't guard against a whole lot, but most places do have them, and they must work on some level.  So pull one out and SIT DOWN ladies!  And if you must hover, and not touch a single other surface in there, please effing clean up your misses afterwards.  (Seriously, if I come out after you hovered and got pee everywhere, and I see you touch one other thing in that facility, that probably has way more bacteria on it anyway, you are gonna be embarrassed at minimum.)  Did your parents teach you nothing?  Do you do that at home?  I doubt it, so why is it okay to leave that kind of mess for others?

And don't try to blame it on being, young, drunk, whatever... potty training comes with the proper clean up etiquette in most homes.  It's gross, and y'all know better.

I am sure its just as bad with men... having a boy I can say the struggle is real!  "How did pee get all the way over there?!"

Okay, I am stepping down from the mom soap box now.... just clean it up out there!