This isn't about Italy.

I had the privilege of travelling to Italy with my stepmom a few years ago.  It was an out of this world, while still in it, experience.  I have so much gratitude within the memories she gave me, I could never repay her for this unreal time.  I could tell you a million amazing moments that flood my brain when I think of Italy, but this post isn't really about Italy.  This post is about the experience, and letting every one we have, change us, shape us, and help us grow.

Normally, when you go through something, good or bad, you only realize the changes it has made in you once it is over.  You reflect back and can recognize the shifts within yourself.  However with Italy, I could feel it opening me, changing my make-up while I was in the experience.  I could feel the shift and alteration of my core, while I was still there, taking in every delicious morsel (and sip).

As an example, one of our first stops was the Vatican.  The tour summation was in the Sistine Chapel, and I have never seen anything so humbling, gorgeous, fantastic, and breathtaking.  The instruction is no talking (or pictures, obv) while inside, but it is so moving I was barely able to find my breath, let alone speak.  I was left in such awe that I could feel my soul changing.  This immense experience brought on a rush of new love, hope, acceptance, understanding.  To truly see the work of art, I think anyone with any depth would realize there is also an acceptance in such a space.  Not just our eyes, and brains, and senses accepting the art, but the art and beauty of life accepting us back.

This happened hourly while in Italy, each new place, sight, sound, taste brought more and more awareness to the changes I was feeling.  I have no doubt that this is how it should be.  We often "get through" something and reflect back, but is so organic and awesome to open to it as we go.  This trip taught me how.  I learned to lean in to the experience and really live it.  Whether it is a trip, or just a trip to the grocery store, there is life all around us all the time, and each of us has a million of our own experiences in action.  Italy was, of course, a positive impact on me, but so much can also be learned from the negative experiences too.  Notice it.

Try it for yourself, living so presently that you begin to notice your own evolution with each day.  How our minds can adopt new ideas, our hearts engaging in romance with life itself, our souls growing abundantly, trusting ourselves more and more.

What a beaut.  This one might just be my love pop today too!