Who they attractin' with that line "What's your name? What's your sign?"

Shout out Biggie Smalls, aka Notorious, you never should've had to concede your name.

Hey there!  Now that song is in your brain, lets get to it.  I like that song sets the mood for this.

So I am no astrological genius, this simply comes from a place of experience, opinion, and some sarcasm too.  Of course.  I will add before I get started, that this is not about you specifically, but if the shoe fits...

Now I am a Virgo, probably one of the hardest signs to please, for importance of disclosure.  We would rather say we have high standards, meaning if we don't like you, you are obviously not up to par.  I really would rather stay in with a good book and bourbon, than spend time with Mr. Wrong.  True story!  Also, we are not sorry about it.  Meticulous, perfectionist, analytical, serious - we are flawed OKAY! I get it, we all do.  But there is a design to our flaws and we are also still awesome, so get over it.

I am not gonna hit all of them, no one has time for that, and for some reason I don't have a lot to say about early year signs, **sending out the challenge to change that.**  I am also going to start in year order rather than sign order because it calms my OCD.

Aquarius - technically the 11th sign.  We know, you know - you are smart.  You are also often the "sure, either is fine" guy, content in different situations.  And now you are curious as to how we went about figuring that out.  Your question is why? and sometimes, my only answer is: just because, brrrr I know I am sooooo cold.  Stop trying to figure me out dear, you will burn up your engines.  Of course I won't tell you that, because it needs to be your idea.

Taurus -  Oh hey you!  Stable, practical, steady, patient, and fiercely stubborn.  We apparently make a pretty good match, so hey boy hey! Mess with the bull, get the horns, I see you, and I like it! Wink wink

Gemini - twins? No, more like "how many freaking sides do you have?" Also, I am going to need you to calm down and join reality for a few, oh the horror, I know.  While you are generally super charming, you get the eye rolls, because I (observant analytical Virgo here) just saw you try the same line on the gal 4 seats down.  Boy bye, but you are funny, I will give you that.

Leo - Oh Leo, shake that mane babe, people are lookin! We know YOU alone are number one, and that others think that, is super important to you.  We will probably make for great friends, because I couldn't care less, and yea okay, you are pretty awesome.  See what I did there with the flattery?  Honestly that spent my praise tank, so let's go find a good spot to get ya some more. Sensual, yea pal, you've got that, for the minute anyway.  Squirrel.

Libra - Deep sigh, actually Libra you probably should read this, undoubtedly you will feel attacked, and your feelings maybe scarred, for life!  In a word, dramatics.  My word in return, exhausting.  I can't hang with your highs and lows, but there is no shortage of gals who who'd love to make you the center of attention.  Whether they are perfect enough, meh.  This is probably the only time you don't like being the center of attention, but it is still about you love!  Turn that sad face around, your analytical side knows this is true.

Last but not least is reserved for Scorpio.  Fierce.  Never have I ever met my match until a few select Scorpios.  The battles you instigate pale in comparison to your own internal battles.  Your mind, magnificent.  Your passion, fire.  Your sting, brutal.  That though is probably where you would say you met your match with me.  I win, because when it comes to battle, to the sting, mine is not emotional, and yours can be overly emotional.  But that same vulnerability and depth, intense emotion, is also what makes you so damn irresistible.  Dammit.

No hate mail needed, I know this is not an exact science, hello we are talking about your sign, and my opinion.  And honestly, this all says way more about my sign, if you are observant.

Cheers y'all! XOXO

Sweet T