Throwin it back.


Embarrassing moment alert...

Y'all remember those Viper car alarm commercials from the 90's... well this gal got to go out with the OLDER brother of a friend who had the baddest car in the neighborhood.  I was so excited thinking he liked me, and at the time I had zero understanding of my anxiety, let alone how to "be" calm.  To say I was anxiously overzealous would have been sweet.  So when we went to get in the car to leave... he says "don't touch the door" aw what a gentleman, then he continues "the Viper alarm will go off" (so much for him getting my door) "oh and Shawn is coming too!" (His friend?! - No date after all - oh honey, bless your heart.)

If you don't know, or remember, the Viper commercials showed a life like snake coming from the window of a car at any would-be thief.

So what did I say?! Enter most embarrassing moment ever!!!! (Obviously not really, just dramatic effect for being a teen at the time.)

As I yell "shotgun!", trying to dismiss my disappointment in Shawn joining us, I said, "ooooh so rad, can you set it off, I wanna see the snake!"

He gives me an eyebrow raise, and then they both bust out laughing.... for what seemed like an eternity, there is not an actual hologram of a snake Tracy, duh!  And then some degrading comment about seeing his "viper".  UGH kill me, someone, make me disappear!

Serious face palm.  This memory was then compartmentalized under "utter failures of my teenage years" and buried in the back of the mental storage area for life!

Then today as I'm scrolling IG, I see this and think "OH HELL NO!"


And then the flashback came to me, laughing at myself and thinking this person must have had that old car alarm system and wanted to up the ante!

Thanks for the flashback Mr Viper.  You can now return to your previously forgotten state and never comeback, k, thanks!

And yes, I am still shaking my head at myself on this one.  And laughing.

Your turn!