My brain is broken.

I was compelled to submit a drawing about my anxiety.  I actually saw the call for submissions, and did this immediately.  I had to, maybe I needed to.


It is childlike because I am nooooo artist, as you can see! But it's simple... it is obsessive and messy, and it is all my brains fault. I don't process as I should, my brain is faulty, reactionary, hyper and sometimes a fucking liar. But it's mine, the only one I get... so I embrace my anxiety, I talk about it and I face it, lean into it. Sometimes we also fight... which is a lose lose, another story...

So this, this is me.

Anxiety is BOLD, and my words are no match.  It lies, and torments and fails me.  Existence is my only victory.  So I exist and I share, because I can, and because I can, I feel it is my responsibility to do so.  Anxiety robs me of my voice in the moments it wins, but I cannot be hushed any other time, or by anything else.

It is,  I am not for everyone.  So if you are here thank you for reading. And if you'd like let's chat.